26 January 2009

Playlist for 25 January 09

Songs that I played after I accidently called the show before mine "Rainbow Road" like a fool: (A FOOL! It's "Rainbow Radio." Clearly I have MarioKart on the brain.)

*Lovecats - Luke Doucet and the White Falcon (Blood's Too Rich, 2008) [also, I failed to mention that this was a Cure cover]
Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand (Tonight, 2009)
One Month Off - Bloc Party (Intimacy, 2008)

*Same Old Flame - Sloan (Stood Up/Same Old Flame 7")
*Pink is the Colour - Thrush Hermit (Ammo 7")
*Come Clean - Super Friends (By Request 7")

Change is Hard - She & Him (Volume One, 2008)
*Secret Heart - Ron Sexsmith (Ron Sexsmith, 1995)

Campus - Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend, 2008)
I'm a Ghost - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (Hearts of Oak, 2003)
Halloweenhead - Ryan Adams (Easy Tiger, 2007)

*In My Sights - The Sheepdogs (The Sheepdogs' Big Stand, 2008)
*In My Den - Peter Elkas (Party of One, 2004)
*Clouds of Loneliness - Gordon Lightfoot (Harmony, 2004)

*I'll Bring the Sun - Jason Collett (Idols of Exile, 2005)
Lillian, Egypt - Josh Ritter (The Animal Years, 2006)

*Canadian stuff

19 January 2009


This is quite exciting.

March 24th, according to his website.

Playlist for 18 January 2009

I'm a lot happier with how this show went than last time, as it's not all random crap thrown wherever it would fit. Anyhow, here're the songs:

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal (S/T, 2008, by request)
*Shotgun Jimmie - Bedhead (The Onlys, 2007)
The Cure - Close to Me (The Head on the Door, 1985)

*Immaculate Machine - Dear Confessor (Fables, 2007)
Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup (Made of Bricks, 2007)
Architecture in Helsinki - Heart it Races (Places Like This, 2007)

The Wombats - Kill the Director (A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation, 2007)
*The Danks - Treaty Connector (Samples, 2008)
*Volcanoless in Canada - She Moves (S/T, 200?)

*Mardeen - Kids (Read Less Minds, 2008, by request)
*The Stills - Snow in California (Oceans Will Rise, 2008)
*The Super Friendz - Karate Man (Mock Up, Scale Down, 1995)

Matt Costa - Cigarette Eyes (Unfamiliar Faces, 2007)
*Sam Roberts - Brother Down (We Were Born in a Flame, 2003, by request)
*The Bicycles - Walk Away {From a Good Thing} (Oh No, It's Love, 2008)
Black Kids - Hit the Heartbrakes (Partie Traumatic, 2008)


I got a request near the beginning of the show for "a song" that they play "all the time" and then I heard something about "brie". If this was you, I apologize. I had no idea what you were talking about. It didn't help that I thought I knew who was calling and was laughing at you. A little.

12 January 2009

The First Show - 11 January (11pm-midnight)

So here's the playlist for the first edition of my own show! Bam!

*Two Hours Traffic - Before You Leave (Thrush Hermit cover)

Old 97's - Timebomb
*Library Voices - Step off the Map and Float
!@!@! *Laura Barrett - Robot Ponies/Deception Island Optimists Club

*Wintersleep - Dead Letter & the Infinite Yes
!!! The Kooks - She Moves in Her Own Way
*Paper Lions - I'm On Fire

*Constantines - I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song
!@!@! *Woodhands - Dancer
Ben Folds Five - Army

!!! Mike Doughty - Busting Up a Starbucks
!!! The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God
*Luke Doucet - It's Not the Liquor I Miss

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Ain't No Easy Way

I'm calling the show "Thrice Removed" so far. It's a thinly-veiled Sloan reference that Bob came up with. I'm still not sure about it.

!!! A request
!@!@! *Canadian AND a request

01 January 2009

Green Eggs & Ham - 1 January (6am-8am)

Happy new year! Here are the songs I played this morning at six:

Belle & Sebastian - Wrapped Up in Books
Two Hours Traffic - Sure Can Start
Will Currie & the Country French and Sloan - Push Pins

The Fratellis - Stacie Anne
The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry
The Kooks - Down to the Market

Metric - Succexy (after I remembered to cue the right song. Heh. This was for Kaelyn.)
The Yoko Casionos - Gave It Away

The Violet Archers - Tired (for Bob)
The I Spies - In the Night
Vampire Weekend - Ottoman
Feist - Secret Heart

Spiral Beach - Kind of Beast
MuteMath - Typical
Tegan & Sara - Living Room
The Danks - Sold Me Out

Phantom Planet - Do the Panic
Hexes & Ohs - H-H-Highschool
Cut Copy - Far Away
Hot Hot Heat - Talk to Me, Dance With Me
Black Kids - Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo)

Brendan Benson - Gold Into Straw
Rooney - I'm Shakin'

The Inbreds - Attitude
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Come On, Teacher
The Sheepdogs - Waiting for the Morning

Brendan Canning - Churches Under the Stairs
Peter Elkas - Something Beaming
Josh Ritter - Empty Hearts (do you know how many times he repeats the words 'empty heart' in this song? Many more than I remembered.)

Thanks for listening and calling in, those who did. Y'all are troopers. I'm going to go watch Flight of the Conchords until my eyes pop out now.