29 January 2012

some songs.

Carbon Dating Service - Sea Moose (Polyentendrii)
Squeeze - Black Coffee in Bed (Sweets From a Stranger)
Dave Marsh - The Smoke Easy (The True Love Rules)

Tom Petty - Change the Locks (She's the One)
Ray Maverick - Like a Midnight Rider (Life and Times)
Big Star - O My Soul (Radio City)

The Monks - I Ain't Gettin' Any (Bad Habits)
Wonderful News: http://twitter.com/#!/smallsinsmusic/status/157343778087251968
Chromeo - Momma's Boy (Fancy Footwork)
Two Door Cinema Club - Eat That Up, It's Good for You (Tourist History)
Bloc Party - Your Visits Are Getting Shorter (Intimacy)

The Golden Dogs - Dynamo (Big Eye, Little Eye)
Small Sins - Morning Face (Mood Swings)
Mardeen - Telephones (Read Less Minds)

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