04 July 2011


Julie Doiron - Spill Yer Lungs (I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day)
Pete Yorn - Badman (Pete Yorn)
Thrush Hermit - (Oh Man!) What to Do (Clayton Park)

The Kinks - The Hard Way (Schoolboys in Disgrace)
Born Ruffians - The Ballad of Moose Bruce (Say It)
Dark Mean - Music Box (Dark Mean)

The Paint Movement - Faults (
Doctor Ew - Dance All Over My Grave (Gadzooks)
Amos the Transparent - Lemons (a.k.a. BigFishLittlePond)(My, What Big Teeth You Have)
Bella Clava - So Simple (The Craic: An Ephemeral Record)

Bear Hands - What a Drag (Burning Bush Supper Club)
Mardeen - Telephones (Read Less Minds)
MiniBoone - Rosalina Must Dance Alone (
Architecture in Helsinki - Contact High (Moment Bends)

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