28 February 2011

Playlist for February 27, 2011

Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Can't See Land (The Winter of Mixed Drinks)
Grant-Lee Phillips - Love My Way (nineteeneighties)
Gomez - Catch Me Up (Split the Difference)

The Provincial Archives - Weight and Sea (Maybe We Could Be Holy)
Boxer the Horse - Sketch Me a Glove (Would You Please)
Blur - Bugman (13)
The Russian Futurists - Hoeing Weeds, Sowing Seeds (The Weights on the Wheels)

Hooded Fang - Highway Steam (Hooded Fang)
Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti - Brightlit Blue Skies (Before Today)
Wolf Parade - Ghost Pressure (Expo '86)
Art Boys Collection - Freedom Voice of My Soul (The Stone Wall)

Sloan - Follow the Leader (The Double Cross)
The Local Rabbits - Never Had to Fight (This Is It Here We Go)
The Cribs - Martell (The New Fellas)
Small Sins - Never Again (Pot Calls Kettle Black)

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