08 May 2010

Don't Come Home in Pieces - May 8

Sloan - Believe in Me (Reprise)
The Warbrides - Eyes Shut
Thrush Hermit - (Oh Man) What to Do
Junior Pantherz - Czar

Young Rival - Ghost in the Park
Carbon Dating Service - Terraform Mars
A.C. Newman - Better Than Most
The King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl

Adolyne - I Force Stigmata
Blaq Magik Pyramid - Idiot Conference

Ryan Boldt - Sweet Jenny of the Moor
The Sheepdogs - I Don't Get By
The Fjords - Number 25

Immaculate Machine - Neighbours Don't Mind
The Racoons - Rise and Fall
Hannah Georgas - All I Need

Sloan - Glitter and Gold
Yukon Blonde - Brides Song
The Waking Eyes - Boyz and Girlz

The Tom Fun Orchestra - Last of the Curious Thieves
Rah Rah - Tentacles

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