14 December 2009

Murderecords Tribute

Way back in 1992, Sloan started up a record label called Murderecords that would release their music as well as the music of their friends in and around Halifax.  If you think that this would make a better name for a rap label, you are not alone, but the logo is a group of crows, which is called a murder, and it all makes sense.

That was a lot of ill-placed commas.

Anyway, in honour of Sloan's visit to Saskatoon, here is the playlist for December 6th's all Murderecords show.  Enjoy.

Sloan - Pretty Voice (Peppermint EP, 1992)
The Hardship Post - My Only Aim (Hack EP, 1993)
Thrush Hermit - Radio Blaster (Smart Bomb EP, 1994)
Stinkin' Rich - Who You Frontin' For (Stolen Bass 7", 1994)
The Super Friendz - Better Call (Mock Up, Scale Down, 1995)
Al Tuck & No Action - Train of Though (Brave Last Days, 1994)
Sloan - I Can Feel It (Twice Removed, 1994)

Hip Club Groove - Shootin' the Gift (Trailer Park Hip Hop EP, 1994)
Local Rabbits - (Sally Ann's) Style Denial (You Can't Touch This, 1996)
Pony Da Look - Wishstick (Shattered Dimensions, 2008)
Sloan - Anyone Who's Anyone (4 Nights at the Palais Royale, 1999)

The Inbreds - Wind Picks Up (It's Sydney or the Bush, 1997)
Will Currie & the Country French - Centrefold (A Great Stage, 2008)
The Super Friendz - Stop-Start (Slide Show, 1996)
Sloan - Where Are You Now? (Hit & Run EP, 2009)

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