26 September 2009

FM-Phasis Week 2: Steppin' It Up

Alrighty, folks. In addition to the warm & fuzzy feeling you get from contributing to a worthy cause, you can get something fuzzy that'll keep you warm:

The first 3 people to donate $75 or more to Thrice Removed are going to get a hand-crocheted scarf or toque in the colour of your choice made by yours truly.

Also, I'm going to crochet an afghan for the first person who is not my co-host to donate $125 to Thrice Removed. You get to pick the colours.

Plus, you still get to pick CDs and prizes for donating to CFCR. It's true!

Let's do this. Call 664-6678 to get the fine folks at the station (and be sure to mention Thrice Removed) or 242-5002 from 11pm-midnight this Sunday, September 27.

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