10 August 2009

What a Fantastic Gong Show


*Sloan - Summer's My Season (Don't You Believe a Word single, 2000)
**The Blood Lines - Stay Home (The Blood Lines, 2006)
**The Warbrides - Lions (Lions, 2009)

Helium - Pat's Trick (Random 45!)

*The D'Urbervilles - We Are the Hunters (We Are the Hunters, 2008)
*We Are Wolves - I Wrote Your Name On My Kite (Total Magique, 2007)
*The Diableros - Push it to Monday (You Can't Break The Strings In Our Olympic Hearts, 2006)

**Ride Til Dawn - Are You Gonna Break My Heart? (Hearts of Worlds Forgotten, 2008)
Paul Westerberg - Waiting for Somebody (Singles soundtrack, 1992)
*Shotgun Jimmie - Waist Deep in the Water (Still Jimmie, 2009)

The Traveling Wilburys - End of the Line (Traveling Wilburys, Vol 1, 1988)
*The Novaks - Under Those Wheels (Things Fall Apart, 2009)
The Black Keys - Just a Little Heat (Magic Potion, 2006)

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - 5ive Gears in Reverse (Get Happy!!, 1980)

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