20 May 2009

Thrice Removed: Green Eggs & Ham Edition!

I filled in for Green Eggs & Ham this morning from 8-10. Here's the playlist:

*The Flashing Lights - Been Waiting (Sweet Release, 2001)
The Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat (Off With Their Heads, 2008)
*The Racoons - Be My Television (Islomania, 2009)

**Massey & the Fergusons - Cold, Cold Heart (MySpace)
The 88 - How Good It Can Be (Kind of Light, 2003)
*Library Voices - Step Off the Map & Float (Hunting Ghosts & Other Collected Shorts, 2008, request)

*Two Hours Traffic - Sure Can Start (Little Jabs, 2007)
*Hawksley Workman - Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off ((Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves, 2001)
*Joel Plaskett - Precious, Precious, Precious (Three, 2009)
*The Danks - Sold Me Out (Samples EP, 2008)

*The Lodge - The World In Me (Take That Devil, 2009)
*Jale - Mend (Dreamcake, 1994)
*Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere (National Anthem of Nowhere, 2007)
**The Deep Dark Woods - Two Time Loser (Winter Hours, 2009)

*Hey Rosetta! - Red Heart (Into Your Lungs, 2008, request)
Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You (Middle Cyclone, 2009)
*King Khan & the Shrines - Land of the Freak (What Is?!, 2009)

Blur - Country House (The Great Escape, 1995)
*Sam Roberts - Taj Mahal (We Were Born in a Flame, 2005, request)
Phoenix - 1901 (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, 2009)

Eagles of Death Metal - Anything 'Cept the Truth (Heart On, 2008)
*Luke Doucet & the White Falcon - Take You Home (Blood's Too Rich, 2008, request)
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Dance All Night (Cold Roses, 2005)

**Violent Kin - Blue Eyes (Bitter Blood, out soon)
*The Dress Whites - The Whale (My God, the Shame!, 2007)
**The Peacoats - Young & Relentless (MySpace)

I had a ton of requests today. I suppose that's the difference between doing a show at 8 am and doing a show at 11 pm. Cool.


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  1. This looks like it was a pretty good show! I missed it though :(. I never got my reminder text so when I looked at the clock it was almost 10.