27 April 2009

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Not really. There were some during the show though. Holy smokes.

*King Khan & the Shrines - (How Can I Keep You) Outta Harm's Way (What Is?!, 2009) Okay, I love this band. They sound like they're straight outta the 60's. Totally awesome.
*Peter Elkas - Poor Young Things (Poor Young Things 7", 2009)
*Shotgun Jimmie - Waist Deep in the Water (Still Jimmie, 2008)

*Gentlemen Reg - You Can't Get It Back (Jet Black, 2008)
*Kellarissa - Tiny Things (Flamingo, 2009, request)
*Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Funeral, 2004)
Warren Zevon - A Certain Girl (Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School, 1980)

*Constantines - Shower of Stones (Kensington Heights, 2008)
Bloc Party - One Month Off (Intimacy, 2008)
Eagles of Death Metal - Cherry Cola (Death by Sexy, 2006)

*Pirate Fridays - Money But Music (Uh... here.)
*The Perpetrators - Look at You (The Perpetrators, 2003)
Xavier Rudd - Food in the Belly (Food in the Belly, 2005)

The Black Keys - You're the One (Magic Potion, 2006)
*Sloan - People Think They Know Me (Never Hear the End of It, 2006)


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