20 April 2009

Training is Difficult

But Evan's a smart fellow, so he picked up on stuff really quickly. He's training to be my co-host, so you can expect a more diverse and I daresay a more awesome playlist on future episodes of Thrice Removed. Here's what we played this evening:

Bend Sinister - Julianna (Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers, 2008)
Local Rabbits - Sally Ann's Style Denial (You Can't Touch This, 1996)
Maximo Park - Our Velocity (Our Earthly Pleasures, 2007)

Spiritualized - Come Together (Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, 1997)
Man Man - Engrish Bwudd (Six Demon Bag, 2006)
Pink Mountaintops - Tourist In Your Town (Pink Mountaintops, 2004)

The Temptations - Ain't Too Proud to Beg (Gettin' Ready, 1966)
The Bicycles - Paris Be Mine (The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly, 2006, request)
Buck 65 - Pants on Fire (This Right Here is Buck 65, 2004, request)

Ladyhawk - I Don't Always Know What You're Saying (Shots, 2008)
Said the Whale - This City's a Mess (Howe Sounds, 2008)
The Warbrides - Controlled Burn (MySpace demo - CD Release party at Amigos on May 9)

The Deep Dark Woods - All the Money I Had is Gone (Winter Hours, 2009, request)
Mike O'Neill - They All Like Him (What Happens Now? 2000)
Two Hours Traffic - New Love (Isolator ep, 2006)

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