16 March 2009

March the Fifteenth

Blur - Coffee & TV (13, 1999)
The Shins - Australia (Wincing the Night Away, 2006)
Spoon - The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine (Gimme Fiction, 2005)

*Jale - Mend (Dreamcake, 1994)
*Handsome Furs - I'm Confused (Face Control, 2009)
*Bend Sinister - Julianna (Stories of Lovers, Tales of Brothers, 2009) [Go to their show on the 21st. Do it.]
*The Peacoats - Young and Relentless (MySpace)

The Raconteurs - Five on the Five (Consolers of the Lonely, 2008)
The Dead Weather - Hang You From the Heavens (Hang You From the Heavens single, 2009)
Queens of the Stone Age - Burn the Witch (Lullabies to Paralyze, 2005)

*The Inbreds - Take the Path (Winning Hearts, 1997)
*Will Currie & the Country French - Friendly Fire (A Great Stage, 2008)
*Sloan - Deeper than Beauty (Twice Removed, 1994)

*Two Hours Traffic - No Advances (Little Jabs, 2007)
*In-Flight Safety - Big White Elephant (We Are An Empire, My Dear, 2009)


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