09 February 2009

Rock and Roll!

I decided during about the seventh time I'd listened to 'The Dugout' today that I'd make tonight's playlist dance/electronic/pop-free and more rockin'. I have nothing against dance/electronic/pop music, but it just felt right, somehow.

Anyhoo, here is the playlist for February 8, 2009:

*Joel Plaskett Emergency - Come On, Teacher (Truthfully Truthfully, 2003)
*Sloan - I'm Not a Kid Anymore (Parallel Play, 2008, request)
David Bowie - Rebel, Rebel (Diamond Dogs, 1974, request)

*The Awkward Stage - Hey Modern Schoolgirl (Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights, 2008)
*The Golden Dogs - Runouttaluck (Big Eye, Little Eye, 2006)
Rilo Kiley - Love and War (11/11/46) (More Adventurous, 2004)

*The Olympic Symphonium - Intentions Alone (More In Sorrow, 2008, request)

*Ladyhawk - The Dugout (Ladyhawk, 2006)
*Arkells - Pullin' Punches (Jackson Square, 2008)
*The Stills - Eastern Europe (Oceans Will Rise, 2008)

Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister (Lullabies to Paralyze, 2005, request)
*The Sheepdogs - Good Girls (The Breaks EP, 2006)
*The Waking Eyes - All Empires Fall (Holding Onto Whatever It Is, 2008)

*The Flashing Lights - The Patient You Forgot To See (Where the Change Is, 1999)
Ryan Adams - Shakedown on 9th Street (Heartbreaker, 2000)

*Holy CanCon, Batman!

I won't be doing a show next week, but I will be missing every minute of it.

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