26 January 2009

Playlist for 25 January 09

Songs that I played after I accidently called the show before mine "Rainbow Road" like a fool: (A FOOL! It's "Rainbow Radio." Clearly I have MarioKart on the brain.)

*Lovecats - Luke Doucet and the White Falcon (Blood's Too Rich, 2008) [also, I failed to mention that this was a Cure cover]
Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand (Tonight, 2009)
One Month Off - Bloc Party (Intimacy, 2008)

*Same Old Flame - Sloan (Stood Up/Same Old Flame 7")
*Pink is the Colour - Thrush Hermit (Ammo 7")
*Come Clean - Super Friends (By Request 7")

Change is Hard - She & Him (Volume One, 2008)
*Secret Heart - Ron Sexsmith (Ron Sexsmith, 1995)

Campus - Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend, 2008)
I'm a Ghost - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (Hearts of Oak, 2003)
Halloweenhead - Ryan Adams (Easy Tiger, 2007)

*In My Sights - The Sheepdogs (The Sheepdogs' Big Stand, 2008)
*In My Den - Peter Elkas (Party of One, 2004)
*Clouds of Loneliness - Gordon Lightfoot (Harmony, 2004)

*I'll Bring the Sun - Jason Collett (Idols of Exile, 2005)
Lillian, Egypt - Josh Ritter (The Animal Years, 2006)

*Canadian stuff

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